The alluring shift of life through CHANGE

 The skys r endless and  we make the best of it... as we fell into the water, we said, "more is less and less will always be more" and we sank to the bottom of the ocean...:

(Photo from Pinterest)

      People often say that change is inevitable; Change is constant; Change is permanent; Change is everywhere. This is too cliché but then all of us, including I, really can’t seem to realize that this only permanent thing in the world is hard to embrace. I know you are not contented of what you are wearing right now, I know you are not pleased of what you have now and absolutely I know that contentment is not always on your side. This is kind of ironic though! Most of us tend to always execute change in our lives but this is also hard to accept. How can someone make these things transpire by himself when he is not yet ready for it? How someone let something happen when he is still can’t face it? Indeed, humans are like puzzles – missing pieces, needs logic and hard to picture out – puzzles that can’t be done in just a minute or an hour. It takes years or maybe decades to finally see the beauty and someone’s bigger picture of life.

        I was really shocked recently when “change” suddenly came into my life. I swear!  It is obviously not planned. I need to adjust and had no other choice than to go with the flow. I wish there were options. I wish it didn’t happen. I was sitting on the corner, thinking of a way to end this scenario of my life, I felt empty. I felt betrayed by time. There are no tears coming from my eyes, there is no voice coming out of my mouth. I wasn’t shouting or even whining. I just sat there and led my eyes to nowhere and suddenly ask myself, “Can I do this?”, “How can I overcome this fear?” – My fear of accepting change.

        I heard about a quote written by Timber Hawkeye that says “Don’t let the concept of change scare you as much as the prospect of remaining unhappy” and on that moment it really struck my heart, I really did let change devour me, my whole happiness, my positive thoughts and dreams. I forgot to remember the meaning of love. I forgot to fight back. I forgot to stand and be a warrior. I let myself drown on the deep waters of anxiety and pessimism but as leaves fall from trees; as light and heat of the sun became dark clouds and rain showers, I finally grasp the thought of bearing with pain and savoring happiness, joy and pleasures of life. Acquire change. Secure transformation and obtain growth.


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