Getting rid of regrets

       (c) Photo taken from Pinterest: “Break the Addiction to Sadness”

      Sometimes, people would cry out over something they lost — this is what I felt when I lost the sight of you. I realized that I lost time. I missed my time to be honest and accept the REAL ME, I keep exerting effort in becoming somebody and failed to grasp the reality behind my true self.

        I forgot to keep in mind that “nobody is going to be better at being you, than you are.” I neglected silence and chose to be in the middle of the world’s clamor. After several downfalls, frustrations and anxiety out of life I, beyond any doubt, finally appreciated the fun in my world’s journey.

        I remembered love. I knew that love is the answer in order to endure suffering. As the line in the poem Desiderata goes this way, “Especially do not feign affection neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is perennial as the grass.”

        I also learned to be gentle. I must not rush things. I should not take shortcuts to reach the future faster as it can be. Trust GOD — where I can only find sincere blessings through grace. I definitely know that He will not leave me nor forsake me and whatever my labors and aspirations may be, in the noisy confusion of life, I should remember that I have a friend in Jesus. I have the privilege to carry everything to Him in prayer.

        With all happiness and warmth, it is indeed a beautiful world.


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